Saturday, February 13, 2016

Fun Friday!

This was a week full of projects and fun with some chaos sprinkled in!  The teams held a two day children's program Thursday and Friday.  They had singing, stories, snack and tie dyed shirts.  There were 175 present to do a shirt.  They dyed the shirts on the first day and then the teams had to hang them all to dry on the roof in time to give them to the kids to take home with them on the next day.  It is for times like this that we are glad for the hot sunshine!
We also had some people painting the guest house not far from our campus, some assembled some furniture for the duplex at the Children's Village, while others are repairing the fence around the school.
Roy poured another section of the roof on the new elementary school and the students had a rousing three hour Valentine party at our school!


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