Monday, January 12, 2015

Anniversary of the Earthquake

Today is the fifth anniversary of the earthquake.  The government did not declare it a national holiday, however, the schools and many of the businesses decided on their own to close so that the day can be remembered.  It was a day that certainly has marked Haiti's history.  Approximately, 300,00 people lost their lives that day and in the days to follow.
It did put Haiti front and center in the world and the world did band together to help.  Much of the devastated areas are rebuilt and clean up is done, but the country is still in a state of chaos.  Dedicating itself to voodoo for two hundred years has ripped the heart of this country.  We say this with sadness as we see the beauty that there is here - especially in the people.  Haitians are generally are a very friendly, gentle people with big hearts.  They know the value of relationships and are generous beyond what we would think to be reasonable.
Haiti needs Jesus! The Christian church is growing and that has happened since the earthquake.  It took such a massive catastrophe for people to turn to Jesus Christ.
The world has largely forgotten about Haiti now, as five years has gone by.....we are finding more and more people in Canada saying they have never heard of Haiti.
It is a country with deep governmental problems and poverty, but there is hope for them in Jesus.
Please keep praying the Haiti and its salvation.

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