Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Another Year......

We arrived in Grand Goave last Wednesday to start another year of hosting teams coming from Canada and the US.  It feels very homey here - we were welcomed with many hugs and lots of laughter.
It some ways, we arrived to rest up!  It has been a very busy summer - we moved Scott to Regina where he is attending university, sold our house in Moose Jaw and moved to a suite in Weyburn. That required much down sizing and storing!
Then we began the process of fund raising so that we can be here for the next couple of years as we have heard from God.  It involved many great visits with friends - old and new.
The summer ended with Alex and Jenna's wedding on Thanksgiving weekend.  It was a very fun day - Wade had the honor of officiating and most of our families were able to attend.  Much fun!

Yesterday we welcomed the first teams of this season.  Some of them will be busy beautifying the campus for the Grand Opening of the Technical School and Medical Clinic on November 13 and some of the folks here are working on the plans for the Goat farm.

Here are some photos.........

Alex & Jenna

Cornerstone, Saskatoon, SK

Rocky Mountain House Alliance (Alberta)

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