Thursday, April 3, 2014

Graduation Day

Haiti ARISE has had the blessing of having Laurens & Louisa here to teach a ten week course on basic soil science and gardening.  Their graduation day was March 31 with 75 students completing the class.  One of the students in the class is a pastor in the mountains.  He said that the people in his area only eat beans and rice because they did not know if their soil was good to grow in and they did not have seeds or the basic knowledge.  He is now going to help get 10 garden plots going in his area. Also, one of the students in the class is Christophe, who is the gardener for Haiti ARISE.  He is so pleased to have a certificate in the area that he is so passionate in. 

The Class

Marc giving remarks - he happens to be one of the graduates, too!

Louisa,  Laurens and Joany (their translator)


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  1. Congratulate Chistophe for us on his achievement.